The Nine Streets in Amsterdam - Shopping & Food Guide

The Negen Straatjes (Nine Streets) are hidden in the middle of the beautiful canal belt. Nine narrow streets, packed with individual shops and cafés. On this page you will find our insider tips for the hottest shopping area in Amsterdam.

The Nine Streets in Amsterdam

The Nine Streets shopping area in Amsterdam

As you stroll through the alleys, you can shop as much as you like in the small, authentic shops and, with a little luck, find your new favorite sweater.

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Away from the big department store chains, you will find original pop-up stores, second-hand shops, record shops, jewelry, art, shoes, bags, cosmetics and much more. You will find many trendy, young labels in the shops of the 9 Straatjes - the selection is enormous.

Each store in the Nine Streets has its own style

Especially nice: everything is spread over many small shops. Shop owners almost always choose their goods personally - so every store has its own style. Below you will find our top recommendations.

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How do I get to the Nine Streets in Amsterdam?

From the main station, you can easily walk to the Negen Stratjes. Either you take a leisurely stroll along Prinsen Canal, or you take the faster route through the city (as described here).

Route to the Nine Streets in Amsterdam

Easy to reach by foot - Route to the Nine Streets - Click to activate

By foot: approx. 20 minutes: Keep right at the main station, then straight ahead, cross the Prins Hendrikkade. Continue into Martelaarsgracht, then into Spuitstraat and follow it for a while. Then turn right, follow the Raadhuisstraat for a few meters and turn left into Singel-Gracht. Follow Singel-Gracht to the crossroads and cross the bridge into Wijde Heisteeg. You're in the middle of 9 Straatjes. Show route on the map.

By tram: From the main station take tram 13 or 17 to the stop "Westermarkt." There is a train every 5 minutes. Travel time approx. 15 min. Here you can buy discounted tram tickets.

In the next part you will learn everything about the most beautiful shops and cafes in the 9 streets.

The most beautiful shops & cafés in the Nine Streets

Almost every house in the Negen Straatjes is occupied with an interesting business. Besides clothes, you will also find nice gifts for family and friends - socks, candles, sweets - here you will find an original specialty store for everything.

Route to the Nine Streets in Amsterdam

Our Route: 1. Wijde-Heisteeg - 2. Huidenstraat - 3. Runstraat - 4. Berenstraat - 5. Wolvenstraat - 6. Oude Spiegelstraat - 7. Gasthuismolensteeg - 8. Hartenstraat - 9. Reestraat

We've put together the best shops and cafés for you and sorted them by street:

1. Wijde-Heisteeg

Lunchroom Lef: Nice little café, perfect for a pre-shopping marathon refreshment. They offer snacks like sandwiches and omelet and freshly squeezed juices. The view from the upper floor is great. Wijde Heisteeg 1

2. Huidenstraat

We are Labels: A nice boutique for girls. You will find many different brands for prices between 50€ and 100€. The sales staff is nice and honest. Here on Instagram. Corner Huidenstraat / Herengracht 356.

Zipper: Legendary second-hand shop. For many the best in Amsterdam. Here you will find funny shirts and all kinds of clothes and accessories at fair prices. Here on Instagram. Huidenstraat 7.

Hud: Stylish men's clothing store. Here you will find mainly basics and streetwear, but also one or the other piece for the office. Here on Instagram. Huidenstraat 8.

Café de Pels: Recommended café/pub in traditional Amsterdam style. Here you get a delicious breakfast, coffee, and freshly squeezed juices. In the evenings, you will meet Amsterdamers from the neighborhood playing cards. Huidenstraat 25.

Urban Cacao: Heaven for chocolate fans! Besides the best macarons from Amsterdam and our own chocolates, you will find chocolates from all over the world here. Some are really spectacular and unusual. Huidenstraat 30.

3. Runstraat

Burgerlijk: The best burger shop in the 9 Straatjes. You can put together the ingredients of the burger (cheese, vegetables, sauces) yourself. The burgers are always fresh and tasty. It also comes with delicious French fries. The place is very small, and sometimes you have to wait in line. Runstraat 1.

De Witte Tandenwinkel: Specialist shop only for toothbrushes. It is unbelievable how many different models there are. Runstraat 5.

De Kaaskamer: A wonderful cheese shop. Authentic and not a tourist trap like other cheese shops in Amsterdam. The Kaaskammer is packed with hundreds of cheeses. This is your chance to take home some delicious gouda. Runstraat 7.

Vanilia: Simple fashion and basics for girls. Excellent quality, cuts and sales staff. They manufacture three labels of their own. Modern business, sports couture, and party clothes. Here on Instagram. Runstraat 9.

4. Berenstraat

Smaak: Large selection of handbags. The small team runs the shop with an incredible passion for beautiful leather bags. Not quite cheap but very nice collections and workmanship. Here on Instagram. Berenstraat 39, Nine Streets, Amsterdam.

Toos & Roos: Breakfast, snacks, salads, and sandwiches. Our recommendation, especially because of the delicious vegetarian dishes. Berenstraat 36, Negen Straatjes, Amsterdam

5. Wolvenstraat

Anecdote: Store of the young designer Jetteke van Beuningen. Anecdote's collections consist of many high-quality basics and comfortable knit and sweat wear. Items cost between 30€ and 300€. Here on Instagram. Wolvenstraat 15.

Marqt: a real super-super-market. Large selection of high-quality food. Focus on organic. Tip: shop here and go for a picnic in the Vondelpark. Wolvenstraat 32.

Laura Dols: Glamorous second-hand shop. Here you are in the right place if you are looking for a nice vintage dress for a party or wedding. The clothes are in excellent condition, sorted by color and the prices are really fair. On the upper floor, you will find accessories and more clothes. Wolvenstraat 6,7 - 9 Straatjes, Amsterdam.

6. Oude Spiegelstraat

Shoediction: Emilio Pucci, Givenchy, Sebastian, Christian Lacroix - Here you can find them all and much more. The girls who work in the store are shoe addicts and super nice. Shoediction on Instagram. Oude Spiegelstraat 3, 9 Straatjes, Amsterdam

Portonovo: Italian fashion for the modern man. A stylish selection of shirts, trousers, shoes, and accessories in great quality. Here on Instagram. Singel 350, Negen Straatjes, Amsterdam.

7. Gasthuis Molensteeg

"It's a Present": Charming gift shop. There's a lot of stuff here that no one needs, but everyone wants. A place where you always buy something. Product range: toys, joke articles, home accessories. Gasthuismolensteeg 4.

Waxwell Records: The best record store on 9 Straatjes. If you love vinyl, you have to stop by. Light emphasis on hip-hop and soul. Great selection of Rock, Jazz and Blues rarities. Gasthuismolensteeg 8.

8. Hartenstraat

Screaming Beans: Coffee!!, cakes and snacks. The café nerds at the Screaming Beans make by far the best coffee in the 9 Straatjes. Be sure to try the excellent flat white. Great atmosphere and top service. Breakfast is also excellent. Hartenstraat 12.

Kagetsu: Delicious Japanese food at fair prices. Sushi and ramen (Japanese noodle soup) in top quality. Friendly furnishings and friendly staff. Clear recommendation! Hartenstraat 17.

DR Wonen: Furnishing ideas for your home. Modern lamps, vases, tableware and other furnishings. No souvenir shop for tourists. Here on Instagram. Hartenstraat 27

9. Reestraat

Amsterdam Watch Company: The specialists for vintage luxury watches. You are looking for a used Patek Philippe, Omega or Rolex? You've come to the right place! Instagram Account. Reestraat 3

Ree7: Lovingly furnished café for a little break in between. Besides great carrot cake, there are delicious vegetarian snacks. Reestraat 7

WTG Feelgoodfashion: Uncomplicated fashion to feel good. Colorful t-shirts, jumpsuits, and pants in very good quality and at fair prices. Here on Instagram. Reestraat 18

Muze the Store: Beautiful clothing store in urban style for girls. Here you will find a versatile mix of big and lesser-known brands. Be sure to drop by if you're looking for a special piece for your new outfit. Here on Instagram. Reestraat 17

Do you know any more shops, cafés or restaurants in the 9 Straatjes? Then write us a comment with your tips. We would be glad to hear from you!

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