The A'DAM Lookout in Amsterdam - What to Expect

A lot of adrenaline and a wonderful view of the city. The A'DAM Lookout is a high-rise building with a viewing platform. On this page, you can find out how to get there and whether a visit is worthwhile.

A'DAM Lookout Tower - Foto: © Martijn Kort

360-degree panorama over the harbor and the historic city - the view is truly unique. And, then there's something you will not find anywhere else.

To return to the question: Is it worth it? Yes, absolutely! You can easily spend an hour or two on the stylish lookout tower. Unwind in the lounge beanbags and enjoy a drink at the bar.

Tip - Enjoy the sunset on the Lookout

The best view and the best atmosphere is when you arrive one to two hours before sunset. That is also when your photos will turn out the most beautiful. Today the sun sets at pm*.

When you have chilled and looked enough, it is time for some thrill. On the Amsterdam Lookout stands Europe's highest swing "Over the Edge." It costs 5€ extra, but it is worth it - only the magical view and your feet in the wind. Don't worry - of course, you will be strapped in first.

Over the Edge - Swing on top of the A'DAM Lookout - Photo: © Martijn Kort

In summary: The entrance fee is worth it, and the lookout is definitely worth a trip. At last, let me give you an overview of the coolest features.

  • Europe's highest swing
  • Friendly staff
  • Sky bar and restaurant
  • Breathtaking view of Amsterdam

Other attractions: A fun photo service with lots of Photoshop, interactive Amsterdam exhibition, and a very special elevator. Read on to find out where the A'DAM Lookout tower is and how to get there.

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How do I get to the A'DAM Lookout?

The A'DAM Lookout is located directly behind the main station, on the other side of the river. The free ferry takes you to the other side.

Click on the image to activate the map

Just go out the back entrance of the main station. You will see the ferry terminal right away. The ride takes only about 5 minutes. The landing stage on the other side is called "Buiksloterweg." The ferry leaves approximately every 15 minutes. Here you can find the timetable.

Please note that the ferry can be quite crowded during rush hour. You may not fit on the ferry and may have to wait for the next one. So you better get there a little early.

Exciting sights in the surrounding area

If you are there anyway and still have some time, explore the area around the A'DAM Lookout. It is full of fascinating sights. Examples: Eye Film Museum and NDSM shipyard.

* Time for the sunset, with friendly support of

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