The A'DAM Lookout in Amsterdam - What to Expect

A lot of adrenaline and a beautiful view of the center. The A'DAM Lookout is a skyscraper with a viewing platform. On this page you can find out how to get there and if it's worth a visit.

A'DAM Lookout Tower - Photo: © Martijn Kort

360-degree panorama over the harbor and the historic city - the view is truly unique. And, then there's something you will not find anywhere else.

Tip - Book your ticket in advance and skip the line

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To return to the question: Is it worth it? Yes, absolutely! You can easily spend an hour or two on the stylish lookout tower. Unwind in the lounge beanbags and enjoy a drink at the bar.

Stay tuned: In the next part, you'll find out what the red swing is all about and what other highlights the high-rise building in the harbor has to offer. We'll also tell you everything you need to know about opening hours, prices and tickets.

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A'DAM Lookout at a glance - Hours, Prices and Tickets

Adults pay 14,50€ for a ticket. Children under 13 years pay only 8,50€ entrance fee. Children under 4 years old may visit the Lookout for free. Discounts are available for families (e.g. for 2 adults and 2 children 42€).

Over the Edge - Swing on top of the A'DAM Lookout - Photo: © Martijn Kort

You can book tickets for the Amsterdam Lookout online or buy them directly at the entrance. To avoid waiting at the ticket office, it is recommended to book your tickets online before your visit. Please note that you can only pay by card at the Lookout.

Opening hours of the A'DAM Lookout

  • Open daily from 10:00 (10 AM) to 22:00 (10 PM)
  • Last admission is at 21:00 (9 PM)
  • In the mornings between 10:00 (10 AM) and 11:00 (11 AM) and in the evenings between 20:00 (8 PM) and 21:00 (9 PM), it's the least busy.
  • You should plan about 1 to 2 hours for your visit.

Groups (school classes of 10 people or more) receive reduced admission. You can find all the information on the A'DAM Lookout website.

Tip - Enjoy the sunset on the Lookout

The best view and the best atmosphere is when you arrive one to two hours before sunset. That is also when your photos will turn out the most beautiful. Today the sun sets at *.

Read on: in the next part, we'll present the highlights on the Lookout and explain how to get to Amsterdam Noord with the free ferry.

Discover the Highlights of the A'DAM Lookout

The view from the A'DAM Lookout is like a painting come to life: Large and small boats gently gliding through the harbour, and behind it, the unmistakable labyrinth of picturesque alleyways in the old town.

Overview - A'DAM Lookout

A'DAM Lookout - The highlights at a glance - Photo: © Martijn Kort

360º Sky Deck - Breathtaking view - Admittedly, we get a little dizzy as we look down. Fortunately, there is a safety fence, but it is repeatedly interrupted with peepholes: So you have a clear view of the city.

Panorama - A'DAM Lookout

Bursting with Life - Panorama from the Lookout - Photo: © Dennis Bouman

The Westerkerk, De Wallen and the Jordaan quarter: Here you can get a perfect overview of the canal city. Everything is explained with information boards.

Amsterdam Skyline

Main station on the left and the old town behind it - Photo: © Dennis Bouman

Once you've chilled and observed enough, it's time for some thrill. The Amsterdam Lookout features Europe's highest swing "Over the Edge".

Sensational swing - It costs 6€ extra, but it's worth it - just the magical view and your feet in the wind. Don't worry - of course you'll be strapped in beforehand. Since your feet really swing over the edge of the skyscraper roof, it takes some courage.

Swing - A'DAM Lookout

Adrenaline Rush at 100 Meters - The swing is unique in Europe

Spectacular light show in the elevator - It takes you from the entrance hall to the 20th floor in just 22 seconds. During this short but thrilling ride, you experience a wild light show with pulsating music.

Elevator - A'DAM Lookout

A special surprise awaits you in the elevator - Photo: © Dennis Bouman

Amsterdam VR Ride – The Ultimate Roller Coaster Experience - Put on the VR headset and feel your pulse rise as you zoom through the city's highlights: The graphics are impressive and we had a lot of fun on the ride!

VR Roller Coaster - A'DAM Lookout

Amsterdam VR Ride - Virtual Roller Coaster

Rooftop Bar with Terrace - There's a bar on the roof with great seating to enjoy the skyline. We found a glass of Heineken for €8.50 a bit pricey, but understandable given the view.

Rooftop Bar - A'DAM Lookout

The Rooftop Bar - Fantastic 360° View - Photo: © Dennis Bouman

Sky-Bar - Tasty Cocktails at Lofty Heights - The Madam Bar is the perfect place to kick off the evening. A DJ spins electronic beats as you enjoy the sunset. The food there is great, and the price-to-performance ratio is spot on.

Tip - Moon: Fine Dining in the rotating restaurant

The critics agree - the Moon team elevates local delicacies to a new level. The best part: Your view changes every 45 minutes. The Moon Restaurant is the perfect choice if you want to spend a nice evening with your loved ones. Reservations are a must.

It's amazing what you can find in such an observation tower, isn't it? Finally, we would like to point out the funny photo service with a lot of Photoshop: You can download your memories here for free. In the next part you will learn how to get to the Lookout by ferry and how we liked it there.

How do I get to the A'DAM Lookout?

The A'DAM Lookout is located directly behind the main station, on the other side of the river. The free ferry takes you to the other side.

Click on the image to activate the map

Address: Overhoeksplein 5, 1031 KS Amsterdam

Just go out the back entrance of the main station. You will see the ferry terminal right away. The ride takes only about 5 minutes. The landing stage on the other side is called "Buiksloterweg." The ferry leaves approximately every 15 minutes. Here you can find the timetable.

Please note that the ferry can be quite crowded during rush hour. You may not fit on the ferry and may have to wait for the next one. So you better get there a little early.

Exciting sights in the surrounding area

If you are there anyway and still have some time, explore the area around the A'DAM Lookout. It is full of fascinating sights. Examples: Eye Film Museum and NDSM shipyard.

Conclusion - Is a visit to the A'DAM Lookout worth it?

After all the information and personal experiences we've gathered, it's time to make a final judgment: Is a visit to the A'DAM Lookout really worth it?

A'DAM Lookout Observation Tower

Epic Architecture. Epic Fun: A'DAM Lookout Tower - Photo: © Martijn Kort

Thrills, spectacular architecture, and a dizzying height: It might sound odd, but that wasn't what we enjoyed most about our trip to the Adam Tower.

Elevating Amsterdam Noord: The A'DAM Lookout

This impressive structure is a fantastic place to gain a profound insight into the geography and history of the canal city. The Lookout allowed us to see Amsterdam from a completely new perspective and discover a totally different side of the city.

A'DAM Lookout Observation Tower

A'DAM Lookout and Eye Filmmuseum (left) - Photo: © Evaldas Jankauskas

Our conclusion: The entrance fee is worth it and the Lookout is definitely worth a trip. Finally, here's an overview of the coolest features.

  • Europe's highest swing
  • Friendly staff
  • Fully wheelchair accessible
  • Sky bar and restaurant
  • Breathtaking view of Amsterdam

If you want to enjoy the magnificent view of the harbor all to yourself, we recommend the super stylish Sir Adam Hotel. It is located in the tower, just below the observation deck.

Bye A'DAM Lookout - see you soon for sure

Have you already visited the Lookout? How was your experience? Share your thoughts and impressions with us in the comments below ❤️ ✌️

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