Moco Museum – The Best of Banksy & Co. in Amsterdam

The Moco is a small but fine museum for modern and contemporary art in Amsterdam. Currently there are exhibitions of the street art artist Banksy and and the digital art superstars teamLab. Here you can find out everything about prices, opening hours and the red gummi bear in the garden.

The Moco Museum at the Alsberg Villa - Photo: © Bea Carcamo

Colorful and on point. At Moco, you'll find easily accessible works by the best artists of our time. Current exhibitions offer socio-critical art that inspires people to think. Even if you are generally not an art lover, you will love this museum.

Tip - Buy tickets in advance and skip the line

The line in front of the Moco Museum is almost always incredibly long. 2 hours waiting time is not uncommon. It is the least crowded between 9:00 and 11:00 in the morning and after 3 pm. In any case: buy tickets online and skip the line.

The Moco is located in the heart of Amsterdam, right by the Museumplein. In the neighborhood, you will also find the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the beautiful Vondelpark. Below you will find a map with directions.

Let's start with the most important info: In the next part we reveal everything about opening hours, prices and tickets.

Tickets and opening hours - Moco Museum at a glance

Adults pay 19,50€ for a ticket. Teenagers from 13 to 17 years only 16,50€. Children under 13 can visit the Moco for free. Students pay only 12,50€.

Entrance area of the Moco Museum - Photo: Franklin Heijnen – CC

You can book tickets for the Moco Museum online or buy them directly at the entrance of the museum. To avoid waiting at the ticket office, it is recommended to book your tickets online before your visit.

Opening hours of the Moco Museum Amsterdam

The museum is open from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 19:00. Friday and Saturday the Moco is even open until 21:00. You should plan about 2 hours for your visit.

Stay tuned - in the next part we'll tell you how to get to the museum and which exhibitions are currently running.

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How do I get to the Moco Museum in Amsterdam?

The Moco is located at the Museumplein, next to the famous Van Gogh Museum. The best way to get there is by foot, bicycle or tram.

Route to the Moco Museum - Click to activate

On foot: It is quite a walk from the main station to the Moco. It takes about 40 minutes. The route, in the picture above, is very beautiful and leads you over the three main canals.

By bike: If the 3.5 km are too far for you to walk, rent a bike at one of the many bike rental stations in Amsterdam.

By tram: You can reach the Moco Museum in just 20 minutes by tram. Trams 2 and 5 depart from the main station. Get off at the stop "Van Baerlestraat". Here you can buy discounted tram tickets.

Exciting sights in the surrounding area

If you're already here anyway and still have some time to spare, take a look around - the area around the Moco Museum is full of exciting highlights: Rijksmuseum, Leidseplein, Vondelpark - find out more under "Top Things to Do in Amsterdam".

Read on to find out how we liked it at the Moco Museum and what exhibitions are currently running there.

Current Exhibitions - Banksy and teamLab

Banksy was once a vandal in the streets of London, but today he is a respected artist. He is regarded as the most influential street artist of our time and has managed to keep his identity secret to this day.

Banksy at the Moco Museum - Photo: Franklin Heijnen – CC

The Moco exhibits around 50 of Banksy's most important works. It is not known whether the artist himself enjoys this. Banksy is known for his critical attitude towards the art market and the exhibition at the Moco has not been authorized by him. All paintings are from private collectors and have been loaned to the Moco Museum.

Girl with Balloon and Pulp Fiction - The top works at an exhibition

To sum up: The Banksy exhibition at the Moco is varied and beautifully designed. There is probably no better place at the moment to admire the art of the Englishman.

Current exhibition of TeamLab Tokyo

Digital art at its best. TeamLab's immersive installations attract millions of art fans to museums worldwide. Laser beams, colorful light and electronic sounds - the usual distance between art and viewer disappears.

TeamLab - Moco Amsterdam

TeamLab - The Land of Peace and Bliss - Photo: © Moco Museum

TeamLab is an international art collective originating in Tokyo, founded in 2001. It is a group of specialists working in different disciplines.

Most visited museum in the world - TeamLab overtakes Van Gogh

The Teamlab Museum in Tokyo is the most successful monothematic museum in the world. With up to 2.3 million visitors, it even beats the Van Gogh Museum.

Artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects and many more. Through a collaborative process, teamLab aims to explore the intersection of art, science, technology and the natural world.

Tip - Buy tickets in advance and skip the line

The line in front of the Moco Museum is almost always incredibly long. 2 hours waiting time is not uncommon. With our partner Get Your Guide you can easily buy tickets online and skip the line.

To come back to the red gummi bear mentioned at the beginning: You should definitely check out the adventure garden. There you'll find exciting sculptures by Dali, Kaws and designer Marcel Wanders. The exhibition there is constantly changing.

Summary - Is the Moco Museum Worth a Visit?

Truck designed by Banksy - Photo: © Sergey Rudavin

Summing it up: The entrance fee is quite fair, and the Moco Museum is definitely worth a visit - not only for art fans. We particularly liked it because:

  • The wonderful atmosphere in the old town villa
  • The super friendly staff
  • Top works of the current top artists
  • The great outdoor area with many wonderful sculptures

That was our overview of the Moco Museum in Amsterdam. Have you already been there, or do you have any questions? Then write us a comment.

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