Rijksmuseum Amsterdam - Fantastic Art Treasures

The Rijksmuseum is a national museum of the Netherlands and accommodates the most comprehensive art collection of the country. Fantastic art treasures, like the “The Night Watch” of Rembrandt or the “Milkmaid” of Johannes Vermeer, give great pleasure to every fan of art.

The front of the impressive Rijksmuseum

Until April 2013, the Rijksmuseum was costly renovated for over 10 years – everybody agrees – the renovation was worth it. The beautiful paintings are outstandingly illuminated and a true feast for the eyes.

A visit in the Rijksmuseum takes you on an exciting journey through Dutch art history of the golden age. Other than that, there are thousands of exhibits from artists all around the world.

Diversified collection – More than 8000 exhibits

On four floors with 80 rooms you can find paintings and artworks of invaluable asset. The focus of the collection lies on the impressive works of the old, Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Jan Vermeer.

The collection of modern art, the room with naval models and the comprehensive collection of Asian art offer some variety. You definitely saw a lot of paintings of famous painters like Rubens or Goya already. The masterpieces are even more impressive in their original form. Below you will find our top 3 highlights.


Download the free App of the Rijksmuseum (available for IOS and Android). The app is really great and you don’t have to pay 5 € for the audio guide.

Read on. In the next part you will learn how to get to the Rijksmuseum and what our top 3 works of art are.

Your Tour Recommendations

How can I get to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam?

On foot: It’s very easy to reach the Rijksmuseum form the center. From the main train station you just walk for approximately 30 minutes.

Route to the Rijksmuseum - Click to activate map

Trams: From the main train station the no. 2 and the no. 5 go there. Get off on the stop Rijksmuseum. Here you can buy discounted tram tickets.


There’s often a very long line in front of the Rijksmuseum. We suggest visiting the museum one hour before 11am or after 6pm. Even better: Buy tickets online and comfortably skip the line.

Antique furniture and great masterpieces of painting - in the next part you will learn what you should definitely see in the Rijksmuseum.

You have to see that – Our highlights

With that many great exhibits you can easily lose track. We especially want to entrust our personal top 3 to you.

Night Light in Form of a Cat – Anonymous - approx. 1760 - 1770

Everybody loves cats – we certainly do. That’s why we suggest you to take a look at the wonderful original porcelain sculpture from the Asian collection.

Useful and beautiful – Pussycat from China - Photo: © Rijksmuseum

The cat has a detailed painted body made of finest Chinese porcelain and weights over half a kilo. The eyes of the cat shine, if you place a candle insight. It was made in order to take the anxiety of children at night or to scare away rats.

The Night Watch – Rembrandt - 1642

The most well-known and at the same time biggest canvas of Rembrandt shows the civil defense of Amsterdam. The special thing about this picture is that Rembrandt painted a group of people for the first time, where everybody is doing something.

Night Watch – The original is gigantic (3.6 m x 4.4 m) - Photo: © Rijksmuseum

The soldier is cleaning his gun and the captain dressed in black gives orders to the lieutenant. With his ingenious directed lighting Rembrandt draws attention to different parts of the painting. By the way, the girl, slightly on the left of the middle, was the mascot of the civil defense.

Desk - Abraham Roentgen, approx. 1758 – 1760

The Rijksmuseum also houses a unique collection of antique furniture. Our favorite is an artisanal masterpiece by Abraham Roentgen.

Can you find the secret drawer? - Photo: © Rijksmuseum

Roentgen was born in Mühlheim close to Cologne and learned his craft from different masters in Den Haag, Rotterdam, Amsterdam and London. The ingenious pieces of art made of noble wood were well-known for their countless drawers and secret compartments.

Unfortunately Roentgen couldn’t sell his furniture for a long time and had financial problems until shortly before his death. But he passed his skills to his son on time, who was later a very successful furniture maker.


In order to see as much as possible without being stressed, first finish the highlights tour from the app or the audio guide. Afterwards you can comfortably see whatever you want.

On the website of the Rijksmuseum you can find all exhibits and a very good overview of the different expositions.

The Garden of the Rijksmuseum – Oasis of Tranquility

Shade providing trees, groomed flowerbeds and refreshing fountains – A wonderful garden all around the museum invites the visitors to relax.

The garden at the Rijksmuseum - Photo: Christian van Elven - CC

At the moment, sculptures of the famous Spanish artist Joan Miró, decorate the lawn. The exhibition changes every year. A chessboard with life-sized pawns, as well as climbing frames of the architect Aldo van Eyck provides variety and motion. The garden is opened every day from 9am to 6pm. The entrance is free.

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