Is Amsterdam the capital of the Netherlands?

Amsterdam is the largest city in the Netherlands with around 800,000 residents. At the same time, Amsterdam is the official capital of the Netherlands. However, the government and the royal house are based in The Hague, 50 km from the capital.

Amsterdam - Capital of the Netherlands

Amsterdam - The Official Capital of the Netherlands

Amsterdam (also called A´dam by many locals) is located in the northwest of Holland, in the province of North Holland. In Amsterdam the rivers Amstel and IJ flow into the IJsselmeer (actually a large freshwater lake).

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800 000

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Further information about the capital of the Netherlands

Amsterdam is only capital again since 1983

Before that, there had been heavy debates as whether Amsterdam or The Hague could claim the title of the capital. The reason: after the reorganisation by the Congress of Vienna around 1815, parts of Belgium and the Netherlands were reunited. Out of respect for the Belgians, Amsterdam was removed from the constitution as the capital city.

Amsterdam coat of arms

The coat of arms of Amsterdam - The three X's stand for flood, fire and plague

Pretty complicated, huh? That's what the people of Amsterdam thought - for them it was always clear: Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands!

The capital of Holland does not exist

Many people use the name Holland when they actually mean the Netherlands. Holland is only two of the 12 provinces of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Holland is composed of the provinces Noord- and South-Holland. The capital of Noord-Holland is Haarlem. The capital of South Holland is The Hague.

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