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Beautiful canals, trendy cafes and incredibly nice people. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. Things to Do, Restaurants, & Shopping - Our free city guide will make your stay as pleasant as possible.

The canals are the lifelines of Amsterdam

You’ve arrived in Amsterdam, your heart is beating and the anticipation is huge. But what to do first? Shopping in the quirky shops of the Negen Straaties, rent a bike or chill at Vondelpark like a real Amsterdamer? Not that easy with so many options.

Discover the real Amsterdam with our insider tips

Well researched, always up to date and completely free. Unlike a normal paper guidebook, our modern, digital Amsterdam city guide has a lot of advantages.

We Show You the Most Beautiful Sights in Amsterdam

With its winding streets and the busy old town, Amsterdam is a huge attraction itself already. If you want, you can easily spend hours and stroll along the Prinsengracht and enjoy life.

The Old Town is packed with exciting attractions

Fascinating museums, historic neighborhoods and green parks – between the canals and alleyways there are countless interesting places to explore.

Tip - Book tickets and activities in advance

Our partner Get Your Guide offers a huge selection of tickets and activities. The cool thing about it: You save a lot of time because you don't have to queue at many sights. Here you can find an overview.

We compiled a selection of the most beautiful sights for you.



Top 7 Sights

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Information and Planning with our Amsterdam Guide

Get out of bed and be ready for action. Many start standing for hours in the queue of the Anne Frank House or think about where to best rent a bicycle. Without a plan, a day in Amsterdam is over pretty quickly.

With a little planning your stay will be unforgettable

What are the most beautiful neighborhoods? How to avoid long queues? If you want to inform yourself a bit about Amsterdam before your trip starts, then you’re at the right place.

With a little preparation, there’s more time for the beautiful things

With our Amsterdam Guide you’ll learn how to make the best out of your city trip with smart planning. Like this, you will have some extra time for spontaneous experiences.

Rent a Bike


Free City Map

That’s How You Find the Cheapest Flights and Hotels

You’re looking for a romantic hotel directly on a canal for you and your sweetheart? Or do you prefer a Low-Budget-Hostel, since you’re out partying with your friends all the time anyway? In Amsterdam there are accommodations for everyone’s taste and every budget.

Floating Hotel, fair price - Amstel Botel

In our category “Accommodation”, you’ll find a wide selection of beautiful hotels with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Of course you have to arrive first before your holiday can start. The most comfortable way is by plane. Especially from the middle or the south of Europe.

Cheap traveling by plane, train or bus

If you come from the north, the route is not very far. Then you can easily go by car or train. For some time now long distance buses are a cheap alternative.

Top Hostels

Cheap Flights

Cheap Hotels

Always With You – Your Digital Amsterdam Travel Guide

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However, we ask you to be economical. The advantage of a digital Amsterdam Travel Guide after all is the fact that paper is not needed.

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