Street Art in Amsterdam – The Best Artists and Spots

In the past there were only a few tags and scribbles in the narrow alleys. But in recent years many great works of art have been created. Amsterdam became the worldwide Mecca for Urban Art. Find out who the hottest artists are and where you can find hidden street art jewels.

Colorful Cobblestones - Corner Wijdesteeg - Spuitstraat - Foto: FaceMePLS - CC

Anyone can take part in street art. If you have the necessary style, take a spray can and decorate a wall - but don't get caught!

Super Nurse by FAKE

Super Nurse - Artist FAKE honours healthcare professionals during the Covid Pandemic

Laughing Fish by Pez - Photo: cabezadeturco - CC

The colorful cobblestones in the picture at the top will catch your eyes. With their artwork, the two locals Ottograph and Hero de Janeiro have poured a large bucket of paint over the small Weijdesteeg.

Tip - Book a Street Art Tour

Many pictures are tough to find. You can enjoy the most beautiful works with your own eyes on a guided tour with local street art experts. Our recommendation: The Graffiti & Urban Art Tours of Get Your Guide - Book online now.

Unfortunately, everything was recently torn down or cleaned. However, you can still find colorful cobblestones all over Amsterdam.

The center of Amsterdam is a huge street art museum

If you keep your eyes open, you will see many small and large works by international artists such as OX Alien, ATOMIK, Pez, and The London Police. Many of the artists are now world-famous and exhibit their works in galleries.

Colorful Aliens by OX Alien - Spuitstraat - Photo: FaceMePLS - CC

From the city center to the Jordaan district

The Jordaan is also one of the most beautiful districts in Amsterdam regarding urban art. All you have to do is keep your eyes open to see some excellent stuff. This huge mural of The London Police, for example, has become part of Amsterdam's cityscape.

Mural by The London Police at the Jordaan district

Another classic can be found on the corner between Anjelierstraat and Prinsengracht. The young lady with glasses is Anne Frank. The Anne Frank Museum is very close by.

Anne Frank Street Art at the Jordaan district - Photo: Fons Heijnsbroek - CC

Clack clack clack... you walk over the cobblestones in the city center - suddenly something attracts your attention: There is a stencil (stencil graffiti) from ICY & SOT down at the cellar entrance.

Walking alone - ICY & SOT

The brothers from Tabriz in Iran are the masters of the stencils. Street art has always been a political expression for them. They lived their art, although they had to expect draconian punishments in their homeland Iran.

Rebellian - ICY & SOT in Amsterdam

In addition to many small stencils, works such as the larger painting "Rebellian" can also be found in Amsterdam. Today, ICY & SOT live in Brooklyn - if they are not currently traveling around the globe to open or paint an exhibition.

The NDSM grounds - the old shipyard as a huge Hall of Fame

Our street art safari continues north of Amsterdam. The old walls of the NDSM shipyard are a huge canvas. Even ATOMIK from Miami has painted one of his oranges here.

Green Orange by ATOMIK – NDSM Shipyard

The brick walls of the huge shipyard halls are covered with colorful, huge graffiti. There is always someone painting on the weekends.

Graffiti Writers on the walls of the NDSM shipyard

Permanent exhibitions and workshops take place in the halls. An excursion with the free ferry to the NDSM shipyard is definitely worthwhile.

Well, are you in the mood for a leisurely street art walk? The pictures on this page are only examples of style-shaping works of Amsterdam's street art culture. New images are continually being added, and the city is becoming more and more colorful.

If you'd rather discover the scene on your own, just read on for tips on the best shops, galleries, and places for street art and urban art in Amsterdam.

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The Best Spots & Galleries for Street Art in Amsterdam

The name says it all. In recent years, the hype surrounding Shepard Fairey, Banksy & Co. has triggered a new urban art avalanche.

Artists who used to paint trains at night are now exhibiting in galleries Graffiti and street art have become important cornerstones of contemporary art. Modern murals inspire reflection and embellish the cityscape. Our tips for the best places, galleries, and shops:

  • Moco Museum: The Moco Museum offers street art and contemporary art at its best. Works by Banksy are currently exhibited there. Honthorststraat 20, 1071 DE Amsterdam.
  • GO Gallery: Offers a wide range of contemporary art with a street art focus. The GO Gallery is located in the Jordaan district, right next to the large picture of The London Police (see above). Prinsengracht 64, 1015 DX Amsterdam.
  • Lionel Gallery: This assortment makes art lovers' jaws drop. The Lionel Gallery has a huge collection of artists like Keith Haring and OS GEMEOS. Do you want to buy a real Banksy? No problem! Providing you have the change. Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 64, 1017 DH Amsterdam.
  • Vroom & Varossieau Gallery: In the bright, beautiful rooms of their gallery, Vroom & Varossieau present top-class urban art. They also mediate artists for large-scale wall projects. Among others, works by Blek le Rat, Banksy and Blade. Willemsparkweg 134, 1071 Amsterdam.
  • Henxs Graffiti-Shop: If you need markers or spray cans, Henxs Graffiti Shop is the place for you. If you can't find a color here, you won't find it anywhere. Sint Antoniesbreestraat 138, 1011 HB Amsterdam.
  • Hall of Fames in Amsterdam: A Hall of Fame is a legal place to spray. In Amsterdam, for example, the NDSM shipyard (see above) or under the Schellingwouderbrug in Amsterdam Oost.
  • Fully painted railway lines: Sit back and relax and admire great graffiti. From the central station, it is best to take the underground lines 53 (direction Gaasperplas) and 54 (direction Gein).

Terms like Buff, Mural, and Stencil mean nothing to you? In the last part of our overview, you will find a small street art dictionary. There we explain the most important technical terms.

Street Art Dictionary

Huh? What? If that's what you thought when you read this article, don't worry. The graffiti scene has always had its own language. Here are the most important terms and their translations.


Large wall painting.


Simple, mostly monochrome lettering. Signature of an artist.

Throw Up:

Simple lettering, usually two-colored. Bigger than a tag. Quickly painted.


Graffiti artist who paints with a spray can.


Police or other authority that punishes illegal graffiti.


Graffiti sprayer's degree of popularity. A goal that a sprayer wants to achieve.

All City:

Sprayers whose tags or images can be seen all over the city.


ully painted train or suburban railway wagon. From top to bottom. There is nothing left of the original color.


Untalented street art or graffiti artist. It's a derogatory term.


Stencil graffiti. The picture is cut into a piece of cardboard. The paint of the spray only covers the cut-out parts.

Finally, we would like to recommend some links to you: Complex Mag has published a great article about the 25 most influential sprayers in Amsterdam.

Another cool place to visit is the blog of Amsterdam Street Art. Here you can find interviews with artists and find out everything about festivals and exhibitions.

What are your favorite pictures in Amsterdam? Have we forgotten your favorite artist? We are looking forward to your comment.

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