Straat Street Art Museum - The Ultimate Guide

The world' s largest street art museum is located in the middle of the old NDSM dockyard. The huge brick walls of the Straat Museum provide a spectacular canvas for colorful graffiti art. We reveal whether it's worth a visit and what you should consider.

Straat Museum Amsterdam

Anne Frank welcomes you with a smile - Photo: © Straat Museum

Most of the more than 150 artworks were made by more than 130 artists on site at the Straat Museum itself - some of them stretching across the entire façade of the old NDSM dockyard, which is an impressive backdrop for the colorful murals.

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In addition to the spectacular presentation with huge canvases and unique lighting, the exhibition highlights stories and backgrounds about artists and artworks.

It's fascinating to see how thousands of spray cans and gallons of paint can be used to create world-class modern art, isn't it? In the next part, we'll tell you all about opening hours, prices and tickets for the Straat Museum.

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Tickets and opening hours - Straat Museum at a glance

Adults pay 18,50€ for a ticket. Young people from 13 to 17 years only 9,50€. Children under 13 can visit the Straat Museum for free. Students pay only 13,50€ entrance fee.

Street Art at the Straat Museum

Huge canvases inside the Straat Museum - Photo: © Straat Museum

Tickets for the Straat Museum can be booked online or purchased directly at the entrance of the museum. To avoid waiting at the ticket office, it is recommended to book your tickets online before your visit.

Opening hours of the Straat Museum Amsterdam

The museum is open as follows:

  • Mondays from 12 am to 6 pm
  • Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm

Groups can also visit the museum outside opening hours upon request. You should plan about 2 hours for your visit.

Stay tuned - in the next part we'll reveal 5 exciting facts and explain how to get to the museum with the free ferry.

5 Interesting Facts About the Straat Museum

The yard measures a staggering 8000 square meters and has 25-meter-high ceilings - providing enough space for hundreds of artworks.

Artworks - Straat Museum

Gigantic hangars - room for more than 150 artworks © Straat Museum

As promised, we've collected some insider info about the museum and the creative minds behind it for you.

  • The museum is divided into 5 sections - The areas are thematically different from each other: the personal, aesthetic, emotional, down-to-earth and the conscious.
  • Don't be afraid! - In the middle of the building a truck vertically hangs from the ceiling.
  • A monumental mural - More than 450 spray cans and 35 liters of paint were used for the famous portrait of Anne Frank, which the artist Eduardo Kobra sprayed on the exterior façade of the museum.
  • The shipyard as a big canvas - If you now feel like trying out street art yourself, the Straat Museum is the place to be: the museum store also sells spray cans.

Stay tuned - In the next section, you'll learn how to get to the Straat Museum and whether it's worth a visit.

Map With Directions to the Straat Museum

The Straat Museum is located in Amsterdam's Noord neighborhood, which lies across the IJ River that separates the neighborhood from the rest of Amsterdam.

Map - Straat Museum

Map - Straat Museum Amsterdam - Press to activate

Address of the museum: NDSM-Plein 1, 1033 WC Amsterdam

To get there, you can take the free ferry, which leaves directly behind the central station. In a 15 minutes you reach Amsterdam Noord, from there it's only a few minutes walk to the museum.

Tip - Exciting sights in the surrounding area

Just around the corner, the spectacular A'DAM Lookout tower awaits you. A walk through the area of the NDSM shipyard is also very worthwhile.

In the next part, you'll find out what we loved most about the Straat Museum and what we didn't like so much.

Conclusion - Is the Straat Museum Worth a Visit?

For street art lovers, the Straat Museum is definitely worth a visit. Although the artworks are logically not displayed in their natural habitat - the street - the NDSM yard still manages to convey an authentic urban feel.

Artworks - Straat Museum

Old shipyards and new art - Foto: © Straat Museum

At the same time, we learned interesting background information about the artists and the works that would have escaped us if we had just walked by on the street - so now we walk through the colorful streets of Amsterdam inspired and with even more open eyes.

We really liked it and we can recommend the museum

On the upper floor of the Straat Museum, you can take a little time out with coffee and cake or enjoy a delicious lunch and creative drinks in the accompanying Straat Café.

After the visit - Nearby cafes and restaurants

Outside the museum, there's also plenty to discover in terms of cuisine - Amsterdam Noord is a hip neighborhood that's well worth exploring. You won't have to look far to find a cozy café or restaurant nearby.

This was our overview of the Straat Museum in Amsterdam. Do you have any questions or tips for other travelers? Then write a comment.

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