Weather in Amsterdam - Forecast and Weather Radar

Here you can see the weather in Amsterdam at any time. The highly accurate weather forecast is automatically updated. The handy forecast shows how the weather will be in the next few days.

The weather in Amsterdam for the next few days

To make sure your trip to Amsterdam is not too wet, we have some tips for you. Find out if it will rain in Amsterdam when you get there. The best tool is our weather map with rain radar. At the bottom you will find our recommendations on what to do if it rains in Amsterdam.

Your Tour Recommendations

Will it Rain? Rain Radar for Amsterdam

Our rain radar indicates whether it's raining or not. The background of the map is grey. In the coloured areas it is raining right now. If you press Play at the bottom left, you can see where it will rain in the next few hours.

Example: If you press play and slowly drag light blue areas over Amsterdam, you should take a raincoat with you. If everything stays grey, you're lucky.

How much will it rain?

The rainfall on the rain radar is marked with colors. The color changes depending on how much it rains:

  • Light blue - Light rain
  • Green - Medium rainfall
  • Yellow - Heavy rain
  • Red - Very heavy rain
  • Magenta - End of the World
  • With the rain radar you can plan your day in Amsterdam very precisely. Example: If it doesn't rain in the morning, you can take a canal cruise. In the afternoon, when the rain starts, plan a visit to the museum. Read on and find out what else you can do in Amsterdam if the weather is bad.

    What Can I Do If it Rains in Amsterdam?

    The weather forecast for today shows only thick clouds - crap! That looks like rain. Don't worry - we can help you.

    A big city like Amsterdam has a lot to offer even in bad weather conditions. Here are our suggestions:

    • Van Gogh Museum - This beautiful museum houses the largest van Gogh collection in the world. Another reason to visit: Vincent's life story is anything but boring. You can find all information here.
    • Rijksmuseum - The Dutch National Museum is home to the country's largest art collection. From Rembrandt to Vermeer - experience the works of the masters in the original. You can find all information here.
    • Foodhallen - Hungry? In this indoor food market in Amsterdam-West you are guaranteed to get full. Burger, tasty snacks and fancy cocktails - the food halls are a paradise for gourmets. Find out more on the Foodhallen website.
    • Heineken Experience - The most traditional brewery in Amsterdam operates a beer amusement park. Guaranteed no brewery tour through a dusty museum! Here you can find all information.
    • Glow Golf Amsterdam - Crazy mini golf course in colourful neon lights, in the middle of Amsterdam. Perfect entertainment - even in the rain. Find out more on the Glow Golf website.

    Those were our tips for a rainy day. We wish you an unforgettable stay - no matter what the weather will be in Amsterdam. Click on the link and discover the top things to do in Amsterdam.

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